Irish Wolfhound temperament with children


The breed standard for the Irish Wolfhound (English Kennel Club) describes the Irish Wolfhound temperament as having a  "gentle, kind and friendly nature" . The temperament of any breed is the most important factor when choosing a dog. For us, with having 2 young boys, when we were deciding on getting a different breed of dog from the Labrador (which we have bred and shown for many years) the temperament of the breed was crucial. Everything we read, everyone we met in the breed and all the dogs we met before we got our 1st wolfhound confirmed what a wonderful breed they were. Now we have 4 Irish Wolfhounds and have first hand experience of the breed with young children, I can give you my experience of the Wolfhound temperament with children.  

Firstly, they really are a kind and gentle breed. The seem to understand their large size and are steady and calm around the children. They have never jumped up at the children or knocked them over. They are very gentle and patient and will sit or lie next to the children when they are playing. If they want some fuss they will just stand in front of the children until they have had a hug. Ellie, especially, is very in tune with our youngest son and is always close by him when we are out, if she feels he has strayed too far from us she rounds him up and brings him back. The Wolfhound is very social and enjoys being part of the family, they like to be included in all activities and we take ours away in the caravan, camping, hiking, picnics and all days out. That said, they are a giant breed and are very strong, a child should never be allowed to walk a Wolfhound on their own and I would never leave children I didn't know alone with the dogs. I always introduce new children to the dogs and make sure I am always present (this of course is just common sense and I would do this with any breed of dog) Our dogs are socialised and trained and this is very important as they are such a large breed, however I would say this for all breeds. Do I believe the Wolfhounds makes a good dog around children? Yes, absolutely, our dogs are gentle, loving and sweet with the children and make a wonderful addition to our family.

If you would like to ask me any questions about wolfhound temperament and children please drop me an email, I will be happy to discuss this wonderful breed with you. 

Below are some pictures of the dogs with the children, I will be adding new photos regularly. 

Children and dogs enjoying a walk in the woods July 2014

Children and dogs enjoying a walk in the woods July 2014

Walking by the sunflowers July 2014

Emily and Ellie watching TV July 2014

April 2014 Boys and dogs walking in the woods

April 2014 Boys and dogs walking in the woods

Sam and Ben with Wilma and Daisy in the grass Sept 2013

Ben cuddling Ellie Sept 2013

Sam and Thomas with the girls at Falludden Sept 2013

Sam with the Woofs in the woods

Ellie and Daisy in the caravan with the boys

Ellie at 10 weeks with Sam

Sam watching TV whilst cuddling Ellie

Sam and Ellie watching TV

Sam and Ellie at the top of the Skirrid Mountain in Wales July 2013

Sam and Ellie

Ellie alongside the children on a walk

Sam and Ben with Ellie and Wilma

Sam and Ben with Ellie and Wilma