Wilma -  Overijse Star Gazer

Keenes Spin Doctor x Wilsbury Old Faithful at Overijse

Black Labrador Bitch DOB 3/8/2006

Wilma is one of our home bred bitches that we brought over from England to Sweden with us. She is a super girl, a typical Labrador always wanting to please. She is very friendly and gentle and loves to run about with Ellie in the woods or on the beach. Wilma loves playing ball with the children and is a great family dog. Although Wilma has done well in the show ring she never really enjoyed it and much prefers to be at home with the family.

 Wilma is Bens favourite girl!

Wilma is Bens favourite girl!

Wilma and Sam are great pals

ilma with the girls on a walk

Wilma in a meadow in England June 2013